About Sedona Leatherworks

Our story began with a mother and daughter team who joined forces to blend their individual strengths and passions. 

The matriarch of our venture brings with her experience from the fashion industry and a background in manufacturing. Harnessing the founder's expertise our women's equestrian belts, made with thoughtfully curated materials, are a blend of fashion and function while elevating your equestrian style. Each belt is unique, 'Made in America', and crafted to reflect our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.

On the other end of the reins is her young and spirited daughter, who embarked on her equestrian journey at the tender age of 8. Now a bit older and in the thick of the show sense,  she fearlessly navigates the world of equestrian hunter and jumper competitions. With two trusty companions by her side, Archie and Stanley, she's constantly pushing her limits and reaching for new heights in the arena.

The namesake of our very brand, Sedona, was the daughter's first lease horse for whom we are forever grateful. He taught her the love of the sport and the drive for excellence and perseverance.    

At Sedona Leatherworks, we're not just creating belts and accessories; we're weaving dreams, aspirations, and a deep love for the equestrian world into every piece. Our commitment to quality isn't just a phrase; it's the driving force that ensures every item we produce lives up to the standards of excellence we've set.