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Equestrian Cotton Woven Stretch Belt - 2 Inch - Burgundy with Stirrup

Equestrian Cotton Woven Stretch Belt - 2 Inch - Burgundy with Stirrup

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Discover the elegance of the Equestrian Cotton Woven Stretch Belt - a 2-inch marvel in rich Burgundy and Browns, adorned with a playful Stirrup Buckle. This belt seamlessly fuses fashion and functionality, all while proudly embodying its 'Made In America' heritage.

Whether you're gearing up for the spotlight in your show pants or simply enjoying a leisurely barn jaunt, this belt is the ultimate companion. Its 2-inch width gracefully slips through your show pant belt loops, creating a polished look that complements your equestrian grace.

Crafted from premium cotton, this woven equestrian belt isn't just an accessory; it's a testament to comfort and flexibility. Moreover, it stretches to embrace your waist, providing a secure fit that moves with you as you ride.

But the comfort doesn't end there – it's in the details. The 100% Italian leather-tipped belt ensures durability that stands strong in the face of equestrian demands. And then there's the star of the show – the distinctive Stirrup Shaped Buckle. For those sensitive to nickel, fret not. The Italian nickel-free buckle guarantees you can flaunt your equestrian flair without any discomfort.

Finding the perfect fit is as crucial as finding harmony with your horse. The equestrian cotton woven stretch belt lets you choose from sizes XS to L, ensuring a fit as snug as a saddle. XS (25-28), S (28-32), M (31-35), and L (34-38) – these sizes guarantee that your belt matches your confidence and style.

So with the Equestrian Cotton Woven Stretch Belt, you're not merely accessorizing; you're expressing your adoration for riding and your appreciation for top-tier craftsmanship. Get ready to ride in comfort, style, and unwavering confidence.
  • XS (25-28)
  • S (28-32)
  • M(31-35)
  • L(34-38)
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