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Equestrian Leather Belt Plaid Pattern 2 Inch- White

Equestrian Leather Belt Plaid Pattern 2 Inch- White

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Introducing our Equestrian Leather Belt in a stylish Plaid Pattern - 2 Inch in White. Our beautiful belt is a true fashion statement .

Picture yourself confidently striding into the show ring, or casually hacking away at the barn. You're cinching up your style with this remarkable plaid pattern belt.

Crafted from 100% Italian leather. This belt is more than just a material. It's a mark of quality, durability, and luxury that only genuine leather can offer. And the buckle? It's not just a fastener; it's an Italian nickel-free masterpiece that adds a touch of charm to your ensemble.

We've got riders of all dimensions covered with sizes ranging from XS to L.
  • XS (25-28)
  • S (28-32)
  • M(31-35)
  • L(34-38)
Additionally, you can pair it with your show pants for a pop of elegance. Or you can let it be your trusty riding companion. Because The Equestrian Leather Belt in a Plaid Pattern - 2 Inch in White isn't just a belt; it's an expression of your love for horses, proudly adorned with the 'Made in America' label.

So get ready to cinch up your style and buckle in for a journey that's as graceful as a dressage pas de deux. Saddle up for style, and let your belt make a statement about your equestrian style, with a touch of plaid perfection! 
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