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Sedona Leatherworks

Equestrian Pressed Croc Leather Belt - 2 Inch- Brown

Equestrian Pressed Croc Leather Belt - 2 Inch- Brown

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Introducing our 2 Inch, Equestrian Pressed Croc Leather Belt - in a gorgeous rich brown color.  It's a blend of elegance coupled with equestrian flair crafted by Sedona Leatherworks.

Picture yourself confidently striding into the show ring or enjoying a leisurely hack at the barn. While cinching up your style with this remarkable crocodile-patterned belt. Crafted from 100% Italian leather, it's more than just a material; it's a symbol of quality and durability. A luxury that only genuine leather can offer. The buckle it's just a fastener; it's an Italian nickel-free masterpiece that combines style as well as comfort.

Cater to riders of all dimensions with sizes ranging from XS to L:
  • XS: 25-28
  • S: 28-32
  • M: 31-35
  • L: 34-38
Whether you pair it with your show pants for a dash of elegance or make it your everyday riding companion. The Equestrian Pressed Croc Leather Belt - 2 Inch isn't just a belt; it's an expression of your elegant style, proudly adorned with the 'Made in America' label.

Get ready to cinch up your style and buckle in for a journey that's as thrilling as a challenging handy course. When you wear this equestrian pressed croc leather belt, you're not just accessorizing; you're showcasing your unique equestrian spirit. You're celebrating your passion, and embracing the legacy of American craftsmanship. Saddle up for style and let your belt tell the story of your love for horses, with a touch of timeless exotic charm!
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