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Sedona Leatherworks

Equestrian Cotton Woven Stretch Belt - 1.5 Inch- White

Equestrian Cotton Woven Stretch Belt - 1.5 Inch- White

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Introducing the Equestrian Cotton Woven Stretch Belt - 1.5 Inch in a classic White and Gray palette, curated by Sedona Leatherworks. Elevate your equestrian style effortlessly with this masterpiece that seamlessly combines fashion and function, proudly crafted in the heart of America.

Whether you're striding into the show ring or simply enjoying a leisurely hack around the barn, this belt is your ultimate style companion. Its 1.5-inch width gracefully weaves through your show pant belt loops. This belts delivers an elegant touch that perfectly complements your equestrian finesse.

Crafted from premium cotton gently stretching to provide a snug fit that moves with you while you ride.

But comfort is only part of the story. Because the 100% Italian leather-tipped belt isn't just a mark of sophistication. It's a guarantee of endurance that withstands the demands of the equestrian lifestyle.

And then, there's the centerpiece - a horse shoe-shaped buckle that adds a touch of equestrian charm to your ensemble. For those with nickel sensitivities, worry not. The Italian nickel-free buckle ensures you can revel in your equestrian flair without any discomfort or irritation.

Choose from sizes XS to L,
XS (25-28), S (28-32), M (31-35), and L (34-38)

So with the Equestrian Cotton Woven Stretch Belt, you're not merely accessorizing; you're expressing your adoration for riding and your appreciation for top-tier craftsmanship. Get ready to ride in comfort, style, and unwavering confidence.
  • XS (25-28)
  • S (28-32)
  • M(31-35)
  • L(34-38)
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